The son of a wealthy noble, his loyal body guard, a 50 year old vetern of the families secutiry forces, and a political advisor with friends in low places.

They began by mediating labor disputes on a recently aquired mining colony in the mid rim, but soon became embroiled in the dark undercurrents of galactic politics and intrigue in the final days before the clone wars.

The Trade Federation was in need of rare metals for its vast armies and the Larsen family had those metals, but refused to sell them to the Trade Federation. So the regional ViceRoy resorted to what he did best… thus began a series of adventures and discoveries that lead our small group into dangers they had never imaged let alone dreamed they would ever had to face. This is the tale of a band of ordinary galactic citizens pushed to do what they must for what they believe in… and somewhere along the way they became heroes.

Somewhere along the way... they became heroes